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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions; we have answers!

Take a look below and see if anyone else has wondered the same thing. If you can’t find the answer here, drop us a line at [email protected], and we will do our best to help.


Account Setup
Is there a fee to use this site?
No, there is no cost to you. Your healthcare provider is covering all the fees associated with this service – so tell them “Thanks!” next time you speak with them!
I created my account, but don’t see any invoices or patient data?
A new User Account must be linked to existing patient information to see invoices or patient data, and that may not have happened, yet. To do so, open the ‘Account’ menu on the top of the page, and select ‘Linked Patient/Invoice’. From there, you can see the patients you are currently linked to and link to new patients. You can also contact your healthcare provider, and they can help add patients to your account.
Username and Password
I can’t remember my Username?
Your Username is your email address. If you are still having trouble logging into Redde, please contact your healthcare provider here.
I can’t remember my Password?
Click on the ‘Reset Password’ link just below the login button. You can put in your email address to have a password reset link sent to your email address. Click here to get started.
Account Maintenance
How do I change the email address or phone number you are using to contact me?
After logging in, on the top menu bar, open the ‘Account’ menu and click on ‘Settings’. On the Account Settings page, you can manage all of your contact preferences.
How do I close my account?
Please get in touch with your healthcare provider, and they will assist you with closing your account. You can reach them here.


QuickPay and No-login Payments
Do I have to create an account to make a payment?
Nope, you don’t have to have an account. To make a payment without login in – click here to get started.
I can’t find my Invoice number to Enroll or make a QuickPay payment?
If you have a paper invoice sent to you, use your Invoice # or Account # to access QuickPay. Note that it may be called Encounter Number, Sales Order, Statement ID, or something similar. You can see an example of what to look for here.
If you’re still having issues, you can call your healthcare provider for assistance. You can reach them here.
Why is the ‘You currently owe’ balance on my Account Home page different from the paper invoice I received in the mail?
The Total Cost on the Account Home page is calculated by adding all your balances dues from all the open invoices of all the patients you are linked to. Since most invoices detail a single encounter or patient account, they will often not match the total family account balance we show you. You may also want to make sure you have linked to all your family members. You can see who you are linked to by clicking ‘Account’ on the top menu, then click on ‘Linked Patient/Invoice’.
How is the Total Cost of an invoice calculated?
The Total Cost of an invoice is the total amount being charged to you for the care you received. Total Cost is calculated before applying any insurance payments/adjustments, hospital adjustments, or patient payments.
What’s the difference between an insurance payment and an insurance adjustment?
Many insurers have a maximum allowable charge they agree to with your healthcare provider (physician/hospital/clinic) for a specific procedure or service. If your healthcare provider charges more than the agreed-upon price, the insurer adjusts the price down to the contracted rate. Charges can also be reduced for other unique situations. Any of these decreases in total cost are considered an adjustment.
Once any adjustments have been made, the insurer will send a payment to your provider based on your plan’s coverage. Any payments made to your provider from your insurance are considered insurance payments.
Pay Plans
How can I make a one-time payment to an invoice on a payment plan?
Find the Invoice you would like to make a payment on and click the ‘Pay Now’ button. Then on the Payment page, for Plan Type, select ‘Partial Payment’ from the dropdown list. Enter the amount you want to pay and submit the payment.
Note that any extra payments made on a payment plan will be applied towards the last scheduled payments of the plan. You will still have to make a payment each month until the balance due is paid in full.
I can’t afford the payment plan options listed; what can I do to lower the monthly payment to something I can afford?
If you would like to create a custom plan, contact the billing office, and they will work with you to try and make a custom plan that will work for you. You can reach them here.
How are my partial payments applied to my Invoice on a payment plan?
Any extra payments made on a payment plan will be applied towards the last scheduled payments of the plan. As an example, say you have a 12-month plan that you are paying $100 a month. If you pay an extra $300 this month, it will apply to the plan's last three months, reducing it to 9 months of payments. Your scheduled payment for next month will still be processed.
Can I change the payment date or payment method on my payment plan?
Absolutely! Just log into your account, find the Invoice in question, and click on the ‘View/Change Payments’ link. The new page will list your upcoming payments and give you an option on the right to modify any of them. Feel free to change the date or payment method of any of the scheduled payments.
Note that each payment will need to be updated individually.
Do all pay plans have to be monthly?
Yes, all pay plans have to be set up for monthly payments. However, you can go in at any time and make a one-time payment on any open invoice. To do so, click on the Invoice’s ‘Pay Now’ button, and select “Partial Payment” from the Plan Type dropdown.
Linked Accounts
Can I access a family member's information and manage their account from my single login?
Yes, you can! The platform allows you to link your entire family together so you can see them all from the same User account. You can see who you are currently linked to and link to new patient accounts by clicking ‘Account’ on the top menu, then click on ‘Linked Patient/Invoice’.
Can multiple Users link to the same patient’s account?
Yes, multiple users can have access to the same patient’s information. Whenever new access is given to a patient’s account, the existing User(s) linked to the account will receive a notice that a new User has linked to the patient’s account.
To see who all is linked to your account, select ‘Account’ on the top menu bar, then click ‘Linked Patients/Invoices’. From this page, you can view and modify the patient’s linked to your account.
If you feel there are individuals with access to a specific patient’s account who should not have it, please contact your provider’s billing office immediately. You can reach them here.
Can I lock a linked account so no one else can link to it?
Yes, you can. To lock an account so no one else can link to it, contact the billing office of the Invoice you are inquiring about, and they can lock the account for you.
Do I have to use the same payment method for all payments?
Nope, you can use any payment method on file for any payment. Whenever you make a payment, you will have access to pay with any payment methods you have saved in the system. To view, add, or modify your payment methods, click the ‘Wallet’ link at the top of your Home Page or from the Account menu.
From the Wallet page, you can also select which payment method is your ‘Default’. We will use your default payment method when you authorize payment via text message.


Text and Email Communication
Can I access a family member's information and manage their account from my single login?
After logging in, on the top menu bar, open the ‘Account’ menu and click on ‘Settings’. On the Account Settings page, you can change the email or phone number we use to contact you.
Do I have to receive both a text and an email every time you notify me?
No, you can turn either off. However, you do have to keep at least one communication method selected. To modify your communication preferences, open the ‘Account’ menu on the top of the page and click on ‘Settings’. On the Account Settings page, you can manage all your contact preferences.
Can I turn text messaging back on after I’ve responded “STOP” to a previous message?
Yes, you can. To opt back in, reply “START” to the same message thread you previously replied “STOP” to. If you aren’t sure of the number to respond to, you can contact the provider for assistance. You can reach them here.
Can I respond to the email or text message I received?
Yes, you can respond to either. Both are monitored accounts, and someone should get back to you shortly.


Appointments and Appointment Reminders
Why can’t I see my upcoming appointment?
If you are sure you have a scheduled appointment, but you don’t see it listed online, there are likely two possible reasons. 1) your provider may not have this featured turned on, so you can’t see your upcoming appointments on the site. 2) You may not be linked to the patient account so that no appointment would show. To view or modify linking, select ‘Account’ on the top menu bar, then click ‘Linked Patients/Invoices’.
Why didn’t I receive an appointment reminder for a patient I am linked to?
The most likely reason is that you may not be listed as the primary contact for the patient. Appointment Reminders are sent to the phone number on file for the patient, not to all the Users linked to their account. If you would like to receive reminders in the future, please speak with the provider and have your number listed as the patient’s primary contact.
You may also have opted out of receiving messages by replying “STOP” to a previous message. To opt back in, reply “START” to the same message thread from your phone. If you aren’t sure of the number to respond to, you can contact the provider for assistance. You can reach them here.
Schedule Requests
I don’t see the Clinic or Service I’m looking for listed online to request an appointment with?
Not all clinics or services are available for online schedule requests. If the one you are looking for is not listed, you will need to contact your provider directly to schedule an appointment.
Why can’t I request a specific date/time for my appointment?
When scheduling an appointment, things like the reason of the visit, resource availability, and other complexities make it difficult for patients to self-schedule all service types. However, please include your preferred day or time in the comments section when submitting your request.


Estimator Use
I don’t see my insurance listed in the estimator?
That doesn’t mean the provider doesn’t accept your insurance; it just means it is not currently set up in the estimator. For a broad estimate, you can look up the Cash pricing in the estimator. Remember that your insurance may have additional discounts or coverage limitations. For a more precise estimate, please contact your provider; their contact information is here.
Does the estimate include my copay and deductible information?
Only if your provider has turned that feature on. If activated, you will have the option to put in your insurance information, and we will look up your current coverage and include it in the estimate. If you are not given the option to put in your insurance information, and you only select your insurance company, in that case, the estimate will not include your copay and deductible information.


Insurance Lookup
I tried to look up my insurance, but I’m getting an error?
Most issues with looking up insurance are from data entry. Be sure that you selected the right insurance company and that you typed everything in just as it is listed on your Insurance Card.
If you are still having issues, sometimes changing the subscriber information will resolve it. Let’s use the scenario that you are the parent and primary insurance holder with a son on your insurance, and your son is the one you are checking coverage for.
For most insurances, you would list yourself as the subscriber and select ‘Child’ as your relationship type to the patient. You would then enter your son’s information in the patient field. However, if that doesn’t work, you may try listing your son’s information as the subscriber with the relationship as ‘Self’.
We know this can be confusing and frustrating at times. If you are having trouble verifying your insurance online, please get in touch with your provider, and they can help. You can reach them here.
Why can’t I see what my coinsurance will be?
Most insurance companies only send us what your coinsurance is at the time of lookup. So, if you still have an outstanding deductible, the insurance company will likely tell us that you have 0% coinsurance at that time. However, once your deductible is met, you can re-verify your insurance, and it should return what your coinsurance percentage is at that time.


Filling out Forms
Where can I find the Access Code to fill out the forms?
The Access Code was sent to you in the same message as the link. Please look at the text or email you received with the link you clicked on – the Access Code will be in the same message.
Is it safe to fill this out online without logging in first?
Yes, it is. By following the encrypted link we sent you and then putting in the Access Code, you can securely fill out the forms your provider sent you.
Do I have to complete all the forms at once?
No, you can come back to your forms as many times as you need until you complete all of them. The link and code we sent you will give you access to all the forms you have not completed.
I can’t find (or deleted) the message with the link and Access Code. Can I get a new one?
Yes, you can. Please get in touch with your Provider, and they can resend you the link and Access Code. You can reach them here.
Verifying Information
I come here frequently, so why do I have to answer this so often time?
Your provider must have the correct information to contact you, so they’ve asked that you review it often and confirm the information they have is accurate. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is important.
I keep getting an error when I try to update my insurance?
The most common reason we cannot verify your insurance is due to a data entry error; please confirm that you are putting your information in correctly. If you are still having issues, please let the receptionist know when you arrive for your appointment. You can also call them in advance and discuss the changes.
What if I disagree with a consent, is there a way to decline?
If you do not agree with parts of a consent, you are welcome to leave a comment in the space provided detailing what you don’t agree with. If you aren’t comfortable with that, you don’t have to complete the consent online and speak with your provider directly about your concerns.
Can I view past consents I filled out?
Yes, you can. To receive a copy of a consent you previously e-signed online, please contact your provider, and they can send you a copy.
Can I see my score after I complete a screener?
All scoring is done after you complete your screener and is made available to your provider. You are welcome to ask them for your score.
When does my provider receive the results of my screener?
Although we save and score your screeners automatically after you complete them, that doesn’t mean your provider or their clinical team is reviewing your responses right away. General, your care team is reviewing your responses just before your appointment. Because of this delay, do not use the screener responses to request immediate medical care.


Platform Security
How do you protect my payment information?
We don’t ever save your actual payment information on our site. We’ve integrated directly with the payment processor to store your payment information. When you put your payment information into this site, it is automatically encrypted and securely sent to the payment processor. They validate the information and send us back an encrypted token that represents your payment information. That token cannot be used by anyone else for payment processing.
How do you protect my personal and medical information?
Keeping your information secure and compliant is our paramount concern. This means not only following healthcare-specific regulations, but also requirements and best practices from the cloud-computing, finance, and communication industries as well. This platform was built from the ground up with all those regulatory and industry requirements in mind to help protect you and your patients.
Please visit our website for details on how we protect your information and the industry compliance standards we maintain.